Apple dominate the 91% of the market in the 3rd quarter of 2016

Apple dominates the market, conquering the 91% of the global sales of smartphones in the third quarter of 2016, thanks to the new models of iPhone, crushing the competitors and maxifing profits.

This is the result of the research conduct by the agency Strategy Analytics. Someone says that the new iPhone 7 is not so innovative, somebody else find it fantastic: for sure, the sales of Apple-phones never stop and surmount the other giants of the smartphone-market like Samsung and HTC.

Apple, the most profitable company in the world

The company of Cupertino confirms itself as the most profitable company in the world and the results of last three months determine a new record. The profits reached 8,5 billion dollars, when the global smartphone market is about 9.4 billion dollar.

This record compensate the decrement of the sales of iPhone registered in Asia in 2016, a dangerous -30% that shows how in this geographic area the high-price politics don’t rewards Apple.

Good results for Huawei

Great results for Huawei, the Chinese company reached the second place in the smartphone market, surpassing Samsung thanks to the big choice offered to various target of buyer. According to the research of Strategy Analytics, Huawei conquered the 2.4% of the market in the 3rd quarter of this year.


Apple shares on a good trend

The shares of Apple are continuing the good trend started in June and have broken the 110.23 $ resistance just this monday. If this technical level will support the price, the stock can reach the target of 116.13 $ in the short term. Otherwise, the price will test the support of 103.95 $ before the psychological level of 100 $ per share.


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